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2003-09-26 📌 My review: The Hot Puppies - The Future is Such a Beautiful Place

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The Future Is Such A Beautiful Place

Track listing:

1. The Future Is Such A Beautiful Place
2. Revolve
3. I Feel Like John Wayne

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This self-released demo came on a labelled blue CD-R in inkjet-printed cardboard sleeve and, like my copies of the next two Puppies CDs, was bought from Shelley's in Aberystywth for about three or four quid. I've learnt never to judge recording quality by packaging, and it turned out not to be too bad at all.

This recording does remind me how difficult good quality percussion (and sound level compression) are to achieve, but the songs themselves are faithfully rendered even if not as scintillatingly passionate as I've heard them played live.

The Future Is Such A Beautiful Place deserves to be re-recorded at a later stage, to bring out the wonderful orchestral opening. The song (starts and continues) sweetly-voiced, but its projected idyll quickly becomes dystopian. The Brave New World \ 1984 theme continues in Revolve, aimed pointedly at mass-produced lives with mass-produced material trappings. Not having seen the comic western Rio Bravo, I don't entirely 'get' I Feel Like John Wayne, but it's famous for its 'explosive ending', and some of Becky's "oh"s are suitably fake-orgasmic. It's a fun, stomp-along song.


The future's such a beautiful place
Where there is no space for alienation
We just don't have the time
We'll settle for a cup of tea and a conversation

The future's such a beautiful place
With small (fluffy) animals with human faces
They've got watery eyes
But that's not caused by pesticide

[1st] CHORUS:
But in the meantime
Just live out your lifetime
Keep going in a straight line
And be nice to one another
Or otherwise...

The future'll be a sinister place
Where there's (with no face)
To judge you into outer space
For speaking your mind
Have to float around (above) for all time

The future'll be a terrible place
With a master race
Of people with impeccable taste
They'll paint over your soul
With pastel colours from a (plastic bowl)

[1st] CHORUS

[2nd] CHORUS:
We'll tear you apart with our bare hands
(Put your heart on a skewer, it will make demands)
We'll make an example of you
To anyone who wants to take a stand, yeah
We'll tear you apart with our bare hands
We'll make your heart wonder
Is this because (we) matter
Or is it just because it can?
Is it just because it can?

[1st] CHORUS

[2nd] CHORUS



I'm pulling that lever
I'm flicking that switch
I'm keeping up (production, life) going without a hitch

I'll stamp it with a label
I'll pack it in a box
Wrap it right up with cellophane and send it to the shops

Look at you in your executive position
Look at you with your Ikea obsession
(Down with all of the) revolving machine
Oiling its cogs and keeping it clinically clean

The billboard girl is smiling
And we're all smiling too
If you buy what we're selling
(then the next one's gonna be smiling only for you)



This is my video and you should see me go! Go!
My teeth are shiny, my hair is slick, I've got the (biggest creative dick)
But whilst I figure you eat too quick you make yourself sick

But I feel like... John Wayne in Rio Bravo
But I feel like.. John Wayne in Rio Bravo, Rio Bravo
John Wayne in Rio Bravo, OH! Oh! Oh! oH! Oh! Oh! oh!

Same old MTV scenario, semi-naked in my video
I'll sell you a shirt that's whiter than white
If you wanna smoke I'll set you alight
(Throw it up,) makes me cry if you poke my eye


John Wayne! [repeat]
God told me to suck you dry!

All lyrics are, naturally, copyright the band.

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