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2003-09-26 📌 My review: The Crimea - Lottery Winners on Acid (single)

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Lottery Winners On Acid

Track listing:

1. Lottery Winners On Acid
2. Tragedy Rocks
3. Blowjob Or 9 To 5

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This slim-cased single on the Shiny Beast label marks the first general release from The Crimea, newly risen from the ashes of The Crocketts. Less shout-and-hit-things than their predecessors, the new band continues to turn out finely-crafted original material.

Since its demo days, the authentically trippy and loved-up Lottery Winners On Acid has gained further twinkly guitars, without sacrificing its simple charm. Blissful, and you should take the recommendation of John Peel if you won't take mine. Tragedy Rocks is distinctly more melancholy, but no less beautifully written or played by the time you get to the chorus—there's a five second lead-in at the beginning of the recording making this feel more raw. Blowjob Or 9 To 5 steers lyrically into obsession territory, with a bit of a knowing grin when it changes to 'from 9 to 5'. In fact, the relatively subdued b-sides sit far better together than with the more upbeat A track—I've mixed the tracks here with those of the next single together on CD-R for a more satisfying listen.

Criticism of minor wrinkles aside, I'd like to give a very warm welcome to the bastard offspring of folk rock and punk!


If she get a black eye I want a black eye,
If she get a splinter I want a splinter too.
If she get arrested I want arrested,
If she go tripping I go falling over.

We walk through the street like lottery winners on acid,
Everything she say I was thinking anyway.


If she like Gordons I like Gordons,
If she like the black stuff I like the black stuff too.
If she get a disease I want a disease,
If she go tripping I go falling over.



Tragedy rocks
Misery rolls
Disaster stands on my doorstep
A 'Lucky Strike' in her white lips

On the other side
Everything's strange and elusive,
Everyone's stuck in the mud covered in blood
On a recent trip to Bollywood

It was magnifico while it lasted
It was kooky, as kooky could be
But everytime, look what happened
Darkness broke free


Been like forever
Since last we made love
Let's get horizontal
Before the future catches up

Been like a lifetime
Since last you were here
I could eat you for breakfast sugar
Before the future disappears



I was looking for a fatal attraction in my life
I was hoping you were also
I was looking for a little, little action in my life
I was hoping you were also

Blowjob or nine to five (x4)
Blowjob from nine to five

I was looking for a close encounter in my life
I was hoping you were also
I was looking for a royal rumble each and every night
I was hoping you were also


All lyrics are, naturally, copyright the band.

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