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2007-04-20 📌 PayPal... helping you give customers poor service since 1998

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I sell a small group of items on eBay. The buyer sends funds, and I have £25 in my account balance, minus a PayPal fee of about a pound. A couple of days later I buy something for ~£30 and clear my account balance, paying the difference with the card attached to my account. All good so far.

There's a problem with one part of the lot I sold — the buyer seems reasonable, gets a replacement part, and I want to refund her that cost. Can I do that in a timely manner? No chance. PayPal only allows refunds to be issued from existing account balance and I only have the option of adding funds to my account from a bank account, which will take 7-9 days. There's no option to fund an account by card, even at a slight surcharge (which would be reasonable, as they get charged a small transaction fees by a bank for accepting a card payment.) This is a wholly unreasonable imposition on the buyer waiting for a refund.

I invoice one of my backup email addresses for slightly more than the amount needed and create an account attached to that email address to pay it (using a different card than is attached to my main account.) That goes through alright. So far so good... requiring a bit of lateral thinking, but logical.

So I have the necessary funds in my account, go to issue the refund, enter £15... and the 'Continue' button is missing from the form. Because the funds in my account aren't over the total of the original transaction (£25) I can't refund the correct amount. (Whereas I could refund the £16 payment to myself if I wanted.)

I open up Firebug and add a 'Continue' button to the form, using HTML from the other refund page. The refund is made.


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