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2007-01-13 📌 Bands I'll be watching in 2007, and some releases I might revisit

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I think my musical tastes are swinging towards mellow... although having said that, one of the last albums I bought was Alec Empire and I was listening to Dragonforce earlier.

Upcoming in 2007

Maybe another disc from Pagan Wanderer Lu? —

The Crimea: "Happy New Year [...] It's taken a while, but our new album, 'Secrets Of The Witching Hour' is almost done and dusted." —
(Yay! Expect the name to go through several changes before release, of course.)

(Another vinyl-only release? I'm beginning to wonder why I fucking bother.)

The Keys: "currently recording our new LP." —
(There's a remote chance a disc might contain The Smell of You. C'mon, Matth.)

Charlotte Hatherley: "Charlotte's second album, "The Deep Blue" will be released on the 5th March 2007" —
(Not sold by tracks I've heard so far, and the first album was a bit uneven in parts.)

The Wildhearts: "2006 was rounded off with The Wildhearts beginning recording the brand new, self titled album, due to be released in April 2007, once again on Round Records." —
(Please be good. Having liked every album so far, I don't want to end up not liking one.)

Crikey, that's a rather guarded series of responses...

Also it's interesting how much traction and mindshare has gained now.

Recent Releases

Ginger, Valor Del Corazon — I'm skeptical, not feeling a lot of the singles club tracks he recorded before this. If I get chance I'll give the full disc a listen — I really enjoy the Silver Ginger 5, Clam Abuse and Supershit 666 projects — but I'm not actively looking. A follow-up titled Yoni is apparently set to be released, too.

As I've mentioned before, a Wildhearts live album — The Wildhearts Strike Back — was released in the UK in 2005, but what I didn't know at the time is that the material was sourced from multiple gigs... rather than being a show, it's a collection of live tracks. It was joined in 2006 by Geordie in Wonderland, which is a single-show recording, and a Live at Scarborough Castle DVD. There are also 'Potatoes & You', 'Great White Monkey' & 'Live Begins At 40' CDs available at gigs. Enough live stuff in circulation now, maybe?

Recent side-projects Ginger's been involved with are We Are The Lucky Thirteen and World Of Filth.

Onto another artist, Meat Loaf released Bat out of Hell 3: The Monster is Loose ... Someone is in the process of burning me a copy, and if it's any good I'll get it. Not setting my hopes high, so I may be pleasantly surprised. Which reminds me, I never checked out 2003's Couldn't Have Said It Better.

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