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2005-07-23 📌 Just a quick note before I go catch some zzz...

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Right. First of all I'm in Poland for the next month, so... er, expect fewer updates or something. If that's possible. May get chance to check mail a bit, but I'm not counting on it. Apologies and not a small amount of groveling to anyone I owe mail, which is in part due to not being altogether sure what to say, part due to things such as just having spent a week chasing eBuyer for non-delivery of parts.

Other stuff;

Rest in peace, James Doohan. You inspired several generations, will inspire many more, and seem to have been both an extraordinarily pleasant chap and very stubborn. Which is a fine combination. I'll refrain from transporter jokes, but will say that if there turns out to be an afterlife your face would be a very welcome sight at the control panel.

Pete, you may find this essay about ectypes in superhero fiction interesting.

Read this, it's only six pages: