The Crocketts

Prolific cowpunk rockers in the late 90s, affectionately known as the Crox to legions of fans too young to get into some of the venues... I came to them a bit late after seeing them support the Stereophonics, but fortunately Andy's Records in Aberyswyth had most of the back catalogue. Remember, this was in the days before Amazon and eBay were household names and anything not in the charts was hard to come by.

(I'm still after a genuine copy of the Stuff Your Cherry Pie 2002 CD release. Do please get in touch if you have a copy for sale.)

Having been spat out by the music industry when Blue Dog were amongst the casualties of a V2 Records reshuffle, some of the band pressed onwards as less shouty The Crimea.


[The Crocketts - We May Be Skinny & Wirey]We May Be Skinny & Wirey

Still fairly easy to find, since the band were darlings of the music press for a while and it seemed to sell okay. Raucous anthems such as Will You Still Care and Tennessee will blow any cobwebs out a treat.

CD Releases

  • 1939 Returning (2x 3-track singles)
  • On Something (2x 3-track singles)
  • The Great Brain Robbery (12-track album)
  • Host (2x 3-track singles)
  • Nintendo Fallacy (6-track EP)
  • James Dean-esque (3-track single)
  • Explain (3-track single)
  • We May Be Skinny & Wirey (13-track album)
  • Flower Girl (4-track single)
  • Loved Ya Once (4-track single)
  • Hello & Good Morning (4-track EP)
  • Frog on a Stick (6-track EP)
  • Stuff Your Cherry Pie (9-track album)

Reviews will follow when I get chance.