I hate introductions, so I'll keep this short...

[photo of me, although I look nothing like this any more]These days I'm Stuart to a fair number of people, but friends tend to call me Denyer, which is my preference. It lead to less confusion in groups of people, stuck in secondary school and hey, it works for Inspector Morse.

Likes: quotes, tea, stout, music with guitars, books, comics, server side code, Transformers, soixante-neuf, science fiction, language, natural red hair.

Dislikes: most poetry, religious fundamentalists, ignorance, bigotry, TV, schedules, people who are artificial and/or superficial, closed file formats, cold weather.

About this site...

Code here, storage elsewhere. I'd say I'm passingly aware of standards and accessiblity issues, whilst far from being an expert. The site has been around in one form or another since 1998, domained since 2003. It gets updated when I feel like it and have time, which don't often coincide.

I like PHP, because it's readily available and appeals to the string-and-sticky-back-plastic coder in me. It can be insecure if you're not careful but if don't want your content to live in other people's frameworks or ad farms then it's useful to be able to piece things together.

I only rarely test with Internet Explorer these days, and there's a little trickery with CSS3 PIE to get fluff such as drop-shadows working in IE6/7/8. The site is currently typeset in PT Sans Caption courtesy of Google and specifies sizes in px because they're more reliable and changing text size is a matter for browser software.

Things people have said about me...

It should go without saying this these are random and biased. Shaun's advice was particularly sound, and the point at which I started becoming the rather more terse mofo you're reading now.

"make sure you call me when you're a millionaire." (Sally McCann)

"stop staring at me cos I'm not that strange!" (Rachel Jones)

"Denyer! Still not talking to you. I love Pete." (Catherine Barrett)

"Good luck and burn in hell you smart arsed git." (James Houghton)

"you're a twat really aren't you!" (Vicky Portman)

"For fuck's sake, Denyer!" (Pete Williams)

"Trouble." (Sarah-Jane Homer)

"You can have the apple back in Jan — you'll thank me when next we have a fire drill!" (Gemma Bell)

"Your prose style is sometimes rather too condensed and self-enclosed — I am sure that you know what you mean, but your meaning isn't always clear to another reader." (Lyn Pyckett)

"while the discussion is generally focused and insightful, you have a tendency to make enormous, complex and sometimes controversial claims without explicitly showing how and why you arrive at your conclusions." (Christoph Lindner)

"you are dangerously near to sententiousness." (Patricia Duncker)

"you need, now, to filter your desire to say everything, at once, in all sentences" (Shaun Matthews)

"u r v sillie 2 leev ziz in ze rooom wair Ie iz." (Ellie Ames)

"I will always remember your huge collection of animal t-shirts, your claim that I have hair like a Thundercat, and how much you look like Zorro." (Jenny Kelly)

"Ma n pa are questioning how you managed to break your glasses. Your cover story is you were attacked by a bear, got it?" (my sister)

"Why are you dismayed, Goatboy?" (Ann Trenchard)