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2004-03-05 📌 Super fight dead tree computer. For great justice.

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From the "lights concealed beneath fat bushels" pile… our borough library service has a website I'd never seen promoted (or heard of, until it popped out of Google):

You can run the same author / title / keyword searches available in-library, in addition to being able to check your ticket and renew books. Sadly, though, none of the libraries have anything by P.N. Elrod, vampire writer extraordinaire, specifically, I, Strahd: The War With Azalin which I'd really like to read sometime soon.

Sure, there's always Amazon Marketplace, but that £2.75 fixed postage charge stings.

I'd also like to read Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad if anyone knows to a cheap / borrowable copy of it. Prince of Lies was a really enjoyable volume, and though I know spoilers as to how events turn out in its sequel, I'd still like to savour them for myself. Plus it would appear to be written as a first-person narrative, and I don't read enough of those. Oh well… at least they have William Gibson books.

In related news, finding UK sources for second-hand books through Google turned up very little indeed. Mostly stuff which links back directly or indirectly to either Amazon or eBay. Which are both great places to find second-hand stuff, but which I went to as a first port of call… I don't need psuedo-spam search results feeding me back into those sites. Google has been less relevant for searches in general, and said fact hasn't escaped the tech community or the general punters. Here's hoping they can beat the link farms and meta-content shysters.

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