Project Zebra posts index

I'm blogging notes whilst I change my stripes and get to grips with Linux. Finding entries for reference later is going to be easier if I keep some form of index.


Finally getting around to migrating away from Windows
general background
uswsusp hibernation
Video4Linux Control Panel webcam refresh rate
xfce themes + window manager theme + basic UI config
qt4ct + gtk3-nocsd
partition mounting
Thunderbird profile
samba shares
backup script
initial software selection
config for Comix, Chromium, Opera, Dropbox, Foxit, fre:ac, XnViewMP
xdotool + sendto shortcuts + hotkeys + kdocker
LightDM multi-monitor setup
home folders
power manager
taskbar buttons
trash + Thunar prompt to send to trash


1: in nomine imperator (reference: W40K)
Linux magazines
Wayland, Flatpak/Snap, LibreOffice, systemd news
icons + Whisker menu
DeadBeef, Vlevel, GIMP (abortive)

2: slide! (reference: Fight Club)
Wine, Wayland, LibreOffice news
MBR partitions
Deja Dup
GRUB menus
Foobar under Wine

3: stick that in yr pipe (reference: ceci n'est pas une pipe, Slackware)
GTK3 flat but working scrollbars
audio and screen locking
LightDM screenshot
disable GTK recent files

4: kingdom of the gnomes (reference: David the Gnome)
Ubuntu news
tips in passing
SysRq key

5: a need for understanding not vengeance (reference: OED definition of Ubuntu)
Ubuntu upgrade
Network Manager issues
Crossover Office + config
Gnome / GTK trends
GTK3 styling 3D scrollbars

6: that which is far off and exceeding deep (reference: Jules Verne quoting scripture about the Nautilus)
GTK3 development
Audible books
Samsung Galaxy Sfinder

7: Xfce marks the spot (reference: arrr!)
desktop environment tidy
GTK2 styling to closer match GTK3

8: and you're rushing headlong (reference: Highlander, Queen Greatest Hits II)
aliasing applications
screen tearing
rotating MP4
Tux magazine
emulating Acorn and Spectrum hardware

9: blood and iron and penguins (reference: Hellboy)
kdocker, show desktop, Thunar
monitor control, dbus
Intel graphics
muxing MP4

10: it's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (reference: Halloween Peanuts)
Xfce panel launchers
custom icons, Faenza, Obsidian
Nemo custom actions
printing issues

11 & 12: WE KNOW THAT YOU CAN HEAR US EARTHMEN (reference: Captain Scarlet)
Ubuntu upgrade
LightDM & xscreensaver

2018 indices coming soon...