Whilst I don't get chance to pick up books as much as when I was younger, I do usually still have several on the go at any one time. An eBook reader and digital copies of things I generally already own make the process a lot easier, even if this is more moral than legal. It's also worth checking out Project Gutenberg for a wide range of public domain titles, which includes some excellent Sherlock Holmes radio play recordings.


Perennial favourite prose fiction

[The Night Watch][James Bond: Casino Royale][The Liar][The Salmon of Doubt][One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night][Pattern Recognition][Good Omens][Excession][Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas][Star Trek: Articles of the Federation][Microserfs][The Big Sleep][Forgotten Realms: Elfshadow][Discworld: Interesting Times][Sherlock Holmes][Voice of the Fire][Doctor Who: The Also People][Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze][Mortiary: The Hound of the d'Urbervilles][Watching the Clock: Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations][Warhammer 40,000: The Emperor's Gift][John Dies At The End]