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2002-11-22I. Fucking. Hate. Colds. *snivel*


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It had been circling closer for weeks. Lazily, openly—nothing I did was going to keep it from the gates of my sinuses forever. Colds make it hard to concentrate; you thus waste hours upon the simplest of consolidatory thoughts and sleep well even less. Then they put the iron-hobnailed boot in. Anyway, two days off school. Only one lesson missed, fortunately. Crawled back in to deliver an assessed performance and have been spaced out ever since. :shock: :( Still trying not to talk too much.

Boots, in their cynical glory, are offering 3 for 2 on cold & flu remedies… so, I have Lemsip. I have Oraldene (this stuff is antibacterial gold, trust me. Should you be inclined to swallow it, it's also 96% alcohol by volume.) I have Strepsils. Oh, and my laptop keyboard is now highlighted in blood, as I've just accidentally torn a strip of flesh off one of my big toes. Joy. However, I'm actually feeling quite sociable, if rather easily tired. Not only have I spoken to home this week, but it's also been nice to hear how everyone else is getting on elsewhere, elsewhen and elsewho. People in Bristol (who I urgently owe some form of correspondence in lieu of a txt message which I ineptly lost some weeks back) seem to be having fun, as do people in Aber (which is where I'd be if now if not nursing these sodding lurgy after-effects.) Not entirely sure what's happening with bands and people back in the Midlands… worrying, I appear to know as much as they do about where things are going...

Further contributing to my mental fog was the rediscovery and perusal of the complete Bimble Book (warm hugs to the handful of people who still know what the hell I'm blethering about... the rest of you can skip the rest of this paragraph and indeed probably should.) I'm still a little unclear as to who The Evil One is, but the rest of the cast are more readily identifiable. Does anyone have an email address for Jez, by the way? I'm wondering whether it would be okay to publish The Bimble Book on this here site, for the delectation and enlightenment of, well, anyone who can read it. It also leads me to thoughts of whether I ought myself scrawl down a volume or two of 'tales of uni' before memory clouds over the greater excesses. Hmmm. Anyway... I'd like to generally catch up with Jez as well, as well as maybe have a wee blether about GAF Dan's little on-line business venture ( which is selling various home recordings from our Aber days for slightly exhorbitant sums... :?

Crocketts fans should be aware that the new Crimea single Lottery Winners On Acid comes out very, very soon, and can be ordered from (check out for more info.) Yes, this is a blatant plug. 'Tis good! :smokin:

In other news... yes, I'm in the habit of retroactively adding in blog entries, in case anyone was wondering. I'm in possession of the attention span of a goldfish, the Tasks of Hercules, and currently the sleep requirements of a narcoleptic sloth, so this is just my way of ensuring that anything ever actually gets added to this section. :p

Oh, and gimme a while on it, but I intend to put lesson plans and handouts up the site... as well as organise some additional server space and bandwidth for future projects...


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