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2002-06-12So... why the hell have I started a weblog?


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A few hours after the idea, I'm wondering about that myself. After all, I've hitherto been very poor at filling in diaries, and far more interested in losing myself in day-to-day life. I used to consider diaries (such as the one I kept at college) a distraction from actually getting out there and doing stuff, and as a friend once suggested to me (about photos): The record often eventually becomes all that you can remember about the event.

So...enough about the perils, which I think I'm mostly aware of. Why this, then? Well, I'm very very very very very bad at keeping in touch with people, at providing unsolicited information in conversation, and generally not being a misanthropic & self-pitying git. This way I can hopefully reach the most friends I want to at the most convenience to everyone...and maybe even communicate with a greater level of honesty than is possible without close proximity and the imbibement of alcohol (which is very sadly not going to be a regular event again for a long time, if ever :( )...

In this blog (as they seem to be known amongst us post-GenX-ers) you can generally expect to find me being random about life, people and things. How bloody vague was that, then? ;) Put it another way, if you know me and you have news you'd like putting up here (or any writing or images you'd like sticking somewhere on the rest of the site), please get in touch! In fact, just get in touch! :) You have at least one of my e-mail addresses, whilst I may not have yours...

BTW, I'm aiming for an absolute minimum of one "round-up" entry a week, although hopefully things shall turn out more prolific than that... [oooh, that's tempting fate...]


Tags All Personal